Neck and Shoulder Massage

Neck and Shoulder Massage is a unique kind of massage to relieve stress, tension from your body. Our professional masseuses incredibly massage almost on your all body parts to gives you comfort, relax and makes your mind stress-free. In the process of Neck and Shoulder Massage, it can excite your fantasies or sexual energies, revitalize your soul and gives you the amazing experience that you have never felt before.

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    An Experience That Can Change Your Mind

    Working whole day and after work making yourself comfortable at home on bed must sound cozy but in actual your mind still working and it needs to relax and that can only happen when you get a mind-blowing massage and massage once in a week has been always a good choice because due to stress and tension of the work. Choose the best service in the city joining with us.
    You'll really appreciate the professionalism with our professionals because they'll give complete time and exact massage time for what you have paid, and the staff from front desk to masseuses is very enthusiastic to serve so this is all that we expect from an awesome massage service provider in Banglore.

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    Someting You Need to Know

    Full body Massage

    Body massage is incredibly popular for detoxifying the body, relieving from the stress & pain, freeing adhesions, reduces muscles fatigue.

    Bangkok Massage

    Bangkok massage is known for its astonishing and sublime massage therapists. From the last many decades,

    Female to Male

    Our Massage Specialists are professionally experienced with body massage which includes a Female to Male massage.

    Shower Massage

    The shower massage is considered as one of the best massages that reduce your stress and really makes unwind.

    Thai Massage

    It utilizes latent stretching and delicate pressure along the body's vitality lines to build adaptability,

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What Is Massage?

Traditional Massages

These types of Massages are considered to be the basic massaging techniques such as Swedish massage.

The involves a masseur using their fingers, hands, and feet as the tools for performing the Massage. Various massage therapy schools teach this type of massage techniques, the Swedish Massage being the most common and most messages being variations of it.

Lomi-Lomi Massage

'Lomi lomi' translates to 'rub rub' in Hawaiian, and reflects the broad, flowing strokes made with the therapist's fingers, thumbs, palms, arms and elbows. The Hawaiian massage practice called Lomi-Lomi Massage is a traditional Hawaiian massage that uses a combination of massage techniques, nut oils, and sometimes elements of prayer, breathing and dance to restore energy and soothe the body. It is also known as the 'loving hands' massage..


It’s considered as the most controversial, yet one of the most popular Massage forms. The customer can be either male or female, whereas the masseur is mostly of the opposite sex. This Massage form has been practised for centuries, it’s believed to be the most sexual of all massaging forms.
The Massage form is differentiated from other Massage forms on the basis of their principle area of focus. The primary area of focus in this form are the erogenous zones of the client that lead to wild sexual excitation and relaxation. These are performed to provide pleasure to the client as well as relief from various ailments. The level of intimacy between the customer and the masseur is the highest in massage.

The Types Of Massages

The massages are focused on releasing the built-up stress and tension in your body and provide relief thereby allowing you to enhance you're well being. They are not necessarily focused on orgasm or ejaculation rather in helping you to focus on the pleasurable experience of the message. The couples benefit the most by experiencing an intimacy otherwise improbable. The common types of massages include Sandwich massage, Neck and Shoulder Massage or Nuru massage, Tantric massage etc.

Feel The Excitement And Thrill at massage parlour in bangalore

Being a college pass out it was my fantasy to check out a massage parlour once in my life, I was very excited throughout my student life to do something like that and had plenty of dreams and sleepless nights thinking about that.
When came to Bangalore so it was my chance to make it happened, so I did some research on the internet to find out the best place to have a massage after doing all that I came to conclusion to visit the MASSAGE PARLOUR IN BANGALORE.
I fell in love with everything that they have, the ambience was mesmerizing and aroma was like heaven more on that The masseuses who gave me the service was very nice to me and she made totally satisfied with charm and service, that Amazing and memorable experience "thanks to Never End Spa".

Full Body massage in Bangalore:

As the fashion of visiting spa clubs or body massage parlours is getting popularity among the communities of youths and elders both, numbers of spa salons are springing up in all the prominent localities of Bangalore. However, very few of these deliver the real health benefits of the spa.
Experiencing and analyzing the conditions at most spa and health clubs, we conceptualized ‘NeverEndSpa’ to make Spa Therapy in Bangalore more meaningful and addressing.
Why the body massage and spa are emerging as the most preferred non-medicated therapy treatments to get freedom from several types of health problems? The most commonly accepted answer to this question is – it is free from side effects.
The other logic for loving ‘to be at spa club’ is that it delivers health benefits almost instantly. In addition, many people accept spa as the necessity in over-busy lifestyle to keep the body relaxed, toned and rejuvenated.
True, when most of us are working hard physically and mentally both for 9 -10 hours or even up to 12 hours a day, we definitely need a quality spa.
Any type of spa you chose at Never End Spa, our holistic approach covers all the relevant issues concerned to body, soul and mind. Going to spa parlour in Bangalore or calling a spa girl is a fantastic idea but which is the spa type that you actually need?

Wild Neck and Shoulder Massage In Bangalore

Nowadays we all busy with making money and we are doing it at a very harder level and in doing that we all forget sometimes to eat, sleep and have proper rest, then all we need to get relaxed and the ones who are aware of how to get that, definitely message is there in his list, because body massage in Bangalore is not just a therapy, it's an elixir which gives the enthusiasm to get back to your life and work like a beast.
We are living in Bangalore, which is global hub now, due to its characteristic you can find people here from around the globe like America, Russia, Africa and Australia they all are here due to their work and office, and people from different countries have many types of demands which they are having in their own country in day to day life, Due to that reason now we can see many different kinds of cuisines in Bangalore just because it is demanded by them and they love to have the food by their own choice, likewise massage is one of them just because of demand now there are plenty of massage parlour in Bangalore.
And it's not about only availability you can get plenty of choices in that with categories like Neck and Shoulder Massage, hot massage, sandwich massage, soapy massage, therapeutic massage, full body massage, deep tissue massage, Swedish massage, four hand massage. And definitely, all of these massages are cross-gender massages.

Wild Body Massage At Home - Doorstep Massage

Tension and stress are now a day has become a huge issue for working people and as we know Bangalore is an IT hub and being an employee in a software tycoon is good, but it gives a lot of stress also with a big fat salary but don't need to worry about anything because we are known as stress busters our body massage service will kick out in pain from your body and why wait, it can't come to our place we can reach to your doorstep yes we provide the body massage at home also.
We love to have conveniences in our life. It makes you feel better when everything comes to you automatically as we love to have it, what if it happens with massage service also, yes, if you think the same than our services are the best for you, some of clients have some privacy issue due to their past bad experiences so they mostly prefer to call a massage girl at home instead of going to that parlour, calling a massage girl at your place makes you feel more secure than having that service at any other outer place.

The Benefits Of Massage

It heals the mind and body. Since the message is based on the Buddhist principle of cultivating oneness and generosity, people receive a deeply spiritual experience. There are multiple benefits to it:
It relaxes the body: It is the best way of increasing flexibility and strength of the body. It reduces muscle spasm and tension. It causes an enhanced flow of energy by correcting the posture. You feel energetic and fresh.
It relaxes the mind: A deep relaxation of mind can be felt after the session. According to experts, it connects the mind and body resulting in an emotional balance and stability of thoughts. A positive attitude gets developed.
It improves health: According to the Thai concepts, a body with a full flow of energy becomes healthy and strong. There is a boost in immunity levels and an overall improvement in health. Increased vitality gives more power to fight against infections and illness.

Advantages of body massage:

1. Total relaxation

There is no doubt about the fact that a Neck and Shoulder Massage in Bangalore is one of the most enjoyable treatments you will ever come across in your life. It is possible to achieve an elevated state of pleasure very easily as soon as the rubbing treatment starts.

2. Enhances overall health

The overall health of your heart will be enhanced considerably by a Neck and Shoulder Massage in Bangalore. Since there is a reduction in blood pressure during the process, your heart is going to function optimally.

3. Enhances blood flow and reduces blood pressure

This type of sensuous kneading can help to enhance your blood flow significantly. Consequently, this will help the other organs within your system to function at an optimal level by providing them with a better supply of oxygen.

4. Minimizes muscle tension

Neck and Shoulder Massage rub in Bangalore is an extremely effective treatment for coping with muscle stress despite the fact that it is actually intended to be extremely enjoyable. During the treatment, the therapist is going to target the strained regions to ensure that the muscles become fully relaxed.

5. Deals with anxiety and stress

The great thing regarding Neck and Shoulder Massage is that it may also be used to protect against stress and anxiety. Following a long day of strenuous work, you can easily go back to a completely stress-free condition after experiencing a Neck and Shoulder Massage.

6. Boosts your power

The sensuous character of a Neck and Shoulder Massage palpation also helps to manage the sexual disorder. If you wish to enhance your orgasm quality or if you are encountering problems to control your sexual energy, make use of a Neck and Shoulder Massage treatment to help you.
Besides these above-mentioned benefits, a Neck and Shoulder Massage rubbing in Bangalore also enables you to discover yourself both spiritually as well as physically. This will make you feel totally at ease with yourself as well as self-confident. In this way, a sensuous Neck and Shoulder Massage will definitely help a lot to improve the overall quality of your life.

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"This spa always offers such a calm, inviting environment. The wonderful services you offer locally are great for our community. People are tired of having to travel out of town for things. Having Glow Skincare and Spa right here is an awesome luxury for so many."

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